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Dr. William Eickhoff

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  • "My wife started going here and kept raving about the care she received in the office and the results from her visits. For years I had been searching for effective Chiropractic care like I had in the Philadelphia area. When I went here, I was warmly welcomed by the staff–always a good sign. I’m not a fan of crack-yer-bones style Chiropractic care. Luckily, you won’t find any trace of that here–no action is taken without first testing and verifying that it will have the intended effect. The chiropractic care is precise, targeting a specific vertebra or joint, and can therefore be far more gentle."
    Joesph D. - Yelp
  • "Since I have undergone this chiropractic care my life has change drastically for the better and I stress to anyone who has experienced my situation to at least try Eickhoff Chiropractic. Chiropractic care does not give you instant pain relief or satisfaction; it’s through deligence of using the program that you will find that this is something alot of people are missing out on. We’re busy taking medication and pills, which are killing us yet this known practice that has been around for hundreds of years can be so effective. I have been receiving chiropractic care for about 2 years. It has changed my life."
    Google User - Google
  • "Before I started treatment I could barely walk up and down my steps because of my right buttock, low back and right calf pain. My right foot was also tingling. I had sciatica. I had sharp jabbing pain and I couldn’t cook, couldn’t do dishes, and couldn’t do my laundry. I couldn’t even take out the garbage. I had to stay home because of the pain. My friends had to come over to help me. Now after chiropractic treatment, I feel great! Any pain I have is very minimal. I am walking with no problem and I am able to do all my household chores. I don’t need my friends to help me anymore. The treatment I received was very gentle and effective. The staff was wonderful, very friendly and helpful. I am so happy with the results. It’s like a miracle!"
    J.R. Patient
  • "I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and experienced a wide range of symptoms due to my illness. I had horrible joint pain, numbness in my hands, migraines, and often felt depressed. I took medication for my joint pain and migraines, but they still persisted and the care I got from other doctors was unsatisfactory. Due to my ongoing pain and migraines I was unable to go about my daily life. I was not capable of working out at the gym, which is something I loved to do. After receiving Chiropractic care from Eickhoff Chiropractic & Nutrition, I was able to get my life back. It definitely created a chain reaction into getting back on track with my health. My joint pain and migraines are now diminished and I no longer feel numbness in my hands. I have much more energy and am feeling like myself again. I now am able to live my life to the fullest!"
    K.T. Patient
  • "Dr. Eickhoff had done a workshop where I worked, which really got my interest. Prior to coming here, I was unable to walk after the birth of my daughter. I had constant hip pain, which was extremely painful. I saw my family doctor who gave me medication for inflammation; however, I felt no relief. I couldn’t do any activities or walk. This inhibited me from living a normal life. Shortly after beginning treatment I felt relief. I now am able to walk again without any pain. The treatment I get at Eickhoff Chiropractic and Nutrition is excellent. They do a great job taking care of their patients. I am happy to be living a pain free life!"
    L.C. Patient
  • "Before I started going to Eickhoff Chiropractic and Nutrition, I was experiencing a wide range of problems. I had horrible acne and stomach pains. I was constantly tired, had migraines, and a bad memory. In addition, I constantly felt pain in my shoulders and could not sit for long periods of time. I have been going through these symptoms for a long time and have sought out help from many places. Some of the medical doctors I had gone to included neurologist, gynecologist, and dermatologist. None had given me satisfactory answers to resolve my issues. I was put on birth control and acne creams to help my acne, but nothing seemed to work. I was even told I had a problem with my thyroid, but was given no solution to the problem. One doctor even googled my symptoms during my office visit to find answers, which was scary to me. I was constantly feeling self conscious and had pains after I ate. ...."
    J.G. Patient
  • "was suffering from back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain. I had seen another chiropractor prior to coming here, but had no lasting results. Even my sleep and job were getting affected due to the constant achiness I was feeling. In addition, I began the Nutrition Program here. I wanted to lose weight, lower my cholesterol, and manage my diabetes. Shortly after getting my chiropractic adjustments my pain was going away! I now can sleep much better, walk up the stairs, and am not constantly feeling achy. After doing Nutrition Response Testing, I lost a total of 30 pounds! My cholesterol is now at a normal level and my A1c levels for my diabetes are also at a normal level. The care I am receiving here is excellent. I am constantly improving each day."
    M.M. Patient

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