Clifton Integrated Medical OfficeHere at Natural Health Center, we live up to our name by providing natural, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing and pain management services for Clifton residents. In many cases, we prescribe multiple healing techniques as part of an individualized “whole body” plan that addresses your specific goals, needs, and challenges. Take a look at the range of care we can provide for every member of your family.

Medical Services

Our highly trained pain management specialists develop customized treatment plans specifically to treat the patient as an individual. We have homeopathic pain control injections, top of the line bracing, the nurse practitioner will do strapping, ultrasound, IV Nutrition.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are the cornerstone of our natural, holistic healing strategies. Our team uses small, precisely-targeted forces that restore normal joint motion. This is not only critical for treating joints suffering from injury or chronic misalignment; it also allows the body to assume a straighter, more correct posture, resulting in less muscular strain and better nerve function.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

A healthy body has the raw materials it needs (in the form of nutrients) to regulate its various systems and functions. But people don’t always follow the rules of healthy nutrition. Our team can analyze your condition through Nutrition Response Testing and prescribe whatever nutritional supplementation or dietary changes you may need. We also have a 21-Day Cleanse to help you lose weight safely and naturally.


Acupuncture has been helping people feel and function better for thousands of years. This staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the principle of correcting imbalances in your life-energy flow through the strategic insertion of hair-thin needles. We can use acupuncture treat such diverse issues as skin problems, digestive troubles, sore throat, neurological symptoms, and reproductive health complaints.

Therapeutic Exercises & Rehabilitation

Whether you need to recover from a devastating injury or you just need to re-train your body to perform as it should, our Clifton clinic can help. We can prescribe just the right set of therapeutic or rehabilitative exercises to help you increase your range of motion, build up your strength, heal a nagging injury, or stabilize your balance.

Pain Management

Managing chronic pain doesn’t have to require a lifetime of heavy painkilling drugs. We can put you on an all-natural pain management program that draws on any or all of our treatment techniques.

Full Service List

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