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Most people expect that changes will occur as they grow older. Some will suffer injuries, while others develop lifestyle habits that can create problems. However, better health is within reach for almost everyone, without medications. At the Natural Health Center in Clifton, New Jersey, chiropractor Dr. William Eickhoff and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve wellness and relieve your pain.

We believe that a well-rounded approach to wellness yields the best results. As such, we are an Integrated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice, which means we incorporate aspects of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and physical medicine into all that we do. Each patient’s symptoms, history, and lifestyle are all considered when we create a plan of treatment for them that may include several kinds of therapies.

The Natural Health Center is a family-oriented practice. Dr. Eickhoff has made caring for patients his life’s work and is celebrating 45 years as a doctor this year! Dr. Eickhoff’s wife, Rose Marie, has also been an integral part of the practice for 20 years as the office manager, and two of their children work within the practice as well! Not only is it at the core of how we operate, but many of our patients tell us that our individualized care and compassionate approach make them feel like part of the family too.

There is no better time to take care of yourself!

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What Our Patients Say

  • Verraina F. Avatar

    When I first came to the Natural Health Center, my entire body was a mess. My shoulders blades, neck, middle back, and lower back were so tight. The PT and Chiro is definitely helping to loosen up those muscles that endured so much damage over the years. On top of that I also take in the OT, Acupuncture, Nutrition and received vitamins through an IV. OT works out every muscle on your body and will focus extra on any aches or pains. Acupuncture is the icing on the cake, it enhances the overall experience and will help with the healing of your body overall as well as mental health. Focusing on nutrition and liquid vitamins just helps with the healing of your entire body. The staff here are simply short of amazing in their specified areas as well as being attentive to each patient. It will be like a family atmosphere. Every one from the office staff to the doctors are invested in making sure you are one hundred percent in every area of your body. Stop what your doing and come on in to treat your body. Don’t do like I did and keep putting it off. Now I have made a commitment to myself and my family to do what’s necessary to be a better me!

    Verraina F. 8/05/2020
  • Catherine Y. Avatar

    To all who work at Natural Health Center ..Thank You!!Beginning with the front office team, everyone is exceptionally pleasant and most important they are professional.The Chiropractic Doctors are all excellent, caring and focus their efforts on relief that aims to cure.The OT staff also work at training you in methods that help support relief as well as teaching you what to do at home to maximize efforts.And the Acupuncturists are amazing .. professional and experienced in their field.My thanks and appreciation to all teams and of course to the owners who have obviously worked hard at assembling a group of talented individuals that are professional and who sincerely care!

    Catherine Y. 10/28/2020
  • Margarita S. Avatar

    Thanks to God for finding this place! They have helped me with my MS pain and my diabetes. The people that work here are friendly. They are like a family. Coming here is like going to church where you leave all your pain behind when you leave. Gracias a Dios por encontrar este lugar. Me han ayudado con mi dolor de MS y la diabetes. Las personas que trabajan aquí son amigables, es como una familia. Venir aquí es como ir a la iglesia, donde uno deja el dolor atrás cuando se va.

    Margarita S. 8/05/2020
  • Ness K. Avatar

    First, I would like to say that the day I walked into this place everyone working here was extremely friendly and welcoming. I love the staff members because they have such great energy. I am currently a nurse and have been suffering from headaches, neck and shoulder pain and tightness. This pain has debilitated me from being able to carry out my roles at work and function overall. I would experience these symptoms every time I went into work and couldn’t wait to go home because I was in so much pain. Ever since I have started my treatments with Natural Health Center, I feel brand new. My symptoms have significantly changed and I am no longer having these painful headaches and neck/shoulder tightness. My energy level and mood have increased. I feel wonderful and I am so happy I was introduced to Natural Health Center. I can honestly say that for me, it has been life changing and I am thankful.

    Ness K. 1/25/2020
  • Ferraro S. Avatar

    Best chiropractor I've ever been to in 30 plus years! Great hospitality and the staff treat you like family! My 3 year old daughter loves going with me as the girls in the office always play with her while I'm being treated. 10 stars if I could rate them!!!!

    Ferraro S. 12/25/2019
  • Kristy W. Avatar

    The natural health center provides a holistic approach to health care. I came in for neck, back, knee and wrist pain. Since coming in I’ve discovered that I have a herniated disk causing lower back pain. My knee and wrist pain has completely disappeared and my other pains have lessened considerably thanks to the chiropractic adjustments. I am fortunate enough to receive occupational therapy which has significantly helped with my back and neck pain. Not only has the pain been less but so has the amount of time that I feel the pain - so instead of all day it’s only a small percentage of time. Acupuncture has been great for me. I love the effect it has on me and it is so relaxing. I leave feeling fully rejuvenated. The people at the Natural Health Center are the best part! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming you can’t help but feel like part of the family. I completely recommend them to anyone who has aches and pains.

    Kristy W. 8/01/2020
  • Jose g. Avatar

    Since coming here me and my wife are feeling way better, great staff and supe clean. My hand which was swollen when first got here now is back to normal.

    Jose g. 8/16/2020
  • Joan O. Avatar

    I highly recommend this place to anyone who has pain. They have helped me so much and I have found so much relief since going there. Everyone in the office makes me feel like family and are always super nice with a smile on their faces. They even answer through text which makes everything so much easier. Definitely give this place a try , you won’t regret it. A must go!!

    Joan O. 9/03/2020
  • Stephanie A. Avatar

    They are very polite, kind, helpful. The girl's in the front are funny and cool well I must say the whole staff. Good place to go to for pain they help you with what you need !

    Stephanie A. 7/25/2019
  • John S. Avatar

    Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was not sure what to expect from my visit. Dr. E, Dr. Kayla, Rose, Rachel, Nahary and Vic are the friendliest staff possible and are incredibly knowledgeable. They truly take the time to ensure that you understand chiropractic medicine and how they are helping your symptoms and causes of pain. Without a doubt, they are incredibly experienced professionals who provide excellent service. I absolutely reccomend taking a visit to their office.

    John S. 7/25/2018

The Health Assessment

In order to determine the best treatment, we begin with an assessment that includes:

  • A complete history to identify possible genetic issues, lifestyle habits and other factors that affect your body and its functions.
  • An examination of your physical status, with particular attention to the musculoskeletal system. We may also work with your primary care physician to obtain blood work or other diagnostic tests.

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This includes a free one-on-one consultation and a computerized test of your spine.

Disclaimer: Due to Federal Regulations, we are not allowed to offer this to Medicaid & Medicare patients.

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