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Multidisciplinary Medical Center in Clifton, NJ

Conservative Approach With Cutting Edge Treatments

Many painful musculoskeletal conditions, joint problems, and other physical issues can be successfully treated without needing to undergo invasive surgery.

We have been in Clifton for over 45 years and help our patients achieve optimal health and maximum function through physical medicine without the use of drugs and surgery. We take a conservative approach and offer a team of providers with multiple specialties under one roof to develop comprehensive treatment plans to address the root cause of the patient’s condition.

Many of our patients come to us because they are concerned about taking dangerous opioids and the risks of surgery and are interested in a more conservative, non-surgical approach to resolve their pain.

Our doctors are experts at planning and executing rehabilitation techniques to help patients with short-term injuries or long-term medical conditions.

If you are suffering from pain, joint problems, or other issues, please contact our office in Clifton, NJ. Our specialists will be able to evaluate your condition to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

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What Our Patients Say

  • James T. Avatar

    First off I must say this is by far the best chiropractic offices I have ever went to. I can’t remember all of the girls names up front but they are a big part of the 5 star rating. They are so welcoming when I walk in the do. They all have smiles on their faces. The girls up front care just as much about you as the doctors do. Thank you girls for being so amazing!Now for the doctors. I can’t remember all of their names either but there is some that I will throw in the spotlight. Dr. Kayla is most definitely a one of a kind. She listens to what I have to say even if it’s not chiropractic related. She knew I was hurting the first day I came in and she went ahead and adjusted me. I gave her a big hug. Right away my back felt better and my headaches went away and my neck stopped hurting. Dr Kayla definitely knows what she is doing and wants to make sure that every patient is taken care of the right way. Dr Eurissa (I don’t know how to spell her name) is quite amazing herself and is definitely one of a kind too. She definitely knows what she is doing and is caring also. She is fun to talk to and makes the treatments enjoyable. She could also tell that I was in pain and was determined to make the pain go away. She succeeded. All of the Doctors at this place is very knowledgeable at what they do and talk to you to help you understand what they are doing. I am so glad that I found this place. I’m going to miss everyone here after my treatments are done. Thank you all so much for taking such great care of me.

    James T. 9/25/2019
  • Brian T. Avatar

    Great “Friendly Helpful Staff”

    Brian T. 7/25/2019
  • Margarita S. Avatar

    Thanks to God for finding this place! They have helped me with my MS pain and my diabetes. The people that work here are friendly. They are like a family. Coming here is like going to church where you leave all your pain behind when you leave. Gracias a Dios por encontrar este lugar. Me han ayudado con mi dolor de MS y la diabetes. Las personas que trabajan aquí son amigables, es como una familia. Venir aquí es como ir a la iglesia, donde uno deja el dolor atrás cuando se va.

    Margarita S. 8/05/2020
  • Mustafa G. Avatar

    This place ROCKS. All right? You need your body healed they'll do it right. I'm talking chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, accupuncture, massages, this place is a one stop shop and everyone who works here is awesome.Now when you go to a restaurant and it's empty on a Saturday night you get the heck outta there. If a restaurant is poppin', then you probably wanna make a reservation because you're gonna have to wait. And waiting sucks.Natural health is definitely poppin', but they have enough staff and are excellent at managing time so you're never waiting on line like you're outside of Tops Diner on a Friday night.This place rocks. Go here. Or not, be in pain all the time I don't care I don't know you.

    Mustafa G. 7/25/2019
  • Gisella V. Avatar

    Natural Health Center has been such a great experience since my first visit and I highly recommend it to others! From the receptionists to my sons doctor he has been seeing, Dr.Kayla, they all have been so helpful. All of the girls at the front desk have been so nice from their customer service over the phone when scheduling and in person! Such sweet girls. It’s been a long time since I found a doctors office where EVERYONE was well mannered and very courteous! Dr.Kayla has been seeing my now 8 month old son and has helped him so much with his constipation , but more of the actual bowel movement part which was hurting him really bad😞. Every time he has an appointment with her, that same day or literally the next day, he goes and is so much better! I never know he went because he doesn’t cry or strain the way he normally would! Im so thankful she has helped him in this area of his development and will continue to take him even though he is doing better because the care he gets is so beneficial for his health in so many ways. Thank you Dr.Kayla! And the whole front desk💙

    Gisella V. 6/05/2021
  • Todd H. Avatar

    I’ve been a patient with Natural Health Center of Clifton for quite sometime. It’s more than a healthcare service. It’s a healthcare benefit that takes care of the mind and body. The staff is a pleasure and accommodating as well.

    Todd H. 7/25/2019
  • Verraina F. Avatar

    When I first came to the Natural Health Center, my entire body was a mess. My shoulders blades, neck, middle back, and lower back were so tight. The PT and Chiro is definitely helping to loosen up those muscles that endured so much damage over the years. On top of that I also take in the OT, Acupuncture, Nutrition and received vitamins through an IV. OT works out every muscle on your body and will focus extra on any aches or pains. Acupuncture is the icing on the cake, it enhances the overall experience and will help with the healing of your body overall as well as mental health. Focusing on nutrition and liquid vitamins just helps with the healing of your entire body. The staff here are simply short of amazing in their specified areas as well as being attentive to each patient. It will be like a family atmosphere. Every one from the office staff to the doctors are invested in making sure you are one hundred percent in every area of your body. Stop what your doing and come on in to treat your body. Don’t do like I did and keep putting it off. Now I have made a commitment to myself and my family to do what’s necessary to be a better me!

    Verraina F. 8/05/2020
  • Always S. Avatar

    All staff members working at this center have done a phenomenal job cultivating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

    Always S. 3/15/2021
  • Fabiola F. Avatar

    I did not expected to been waking strait again so quickly; you can find not only professionals but caring human beings that listen and help you to be better. I really love this place and I would recomend it to even to the most skeptical because it really works.

    Fabiola F. 7/25/2019
  • Lisbermy S. Avatar

    The staff Natural Health Center is extremely professional, friendly and caring. They have flexibility to work around my complex schedule, Making it easier for me to stay on top of my health while taking care of my every day responsibilities. Coming to this place has been life changing and my health has improve tremendously. I’m grateful for them

    Lisbermy S. 7/25/2019

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