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Most people expect that changes will occur as they grow older. Some will suffer injuries, while others develop lifestyle habits that can create problems. However, better health is within reach for almost everyone, without medications. At the Natural Health Center in Clifton, New Jersey, chiropractor Dr. William Eickhoff and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve wellness and relieve your pain.

The System of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is based on the concept that the alignment of the musculoskeletal system is critical to the proper function of the rest of the body. Injuries and poor posture or body mechanics can result in chronic pain. In addition, misalignments affect your internal organs, which may cause digestive upsets, an irregular pulse, high blood pressure or diminished lung capacity. Chiropractic is also about proper nutrition – today’s standard American diet does not promote optimum well-being.

The Health Assessment

In order to determine the best treatment, we begin with an assessment that includes:

  • A complete history to identify possible genetic issues, lifestyle habits and other factors that affect your body and its functions.
  • An examination of your physical status, with particular attention to the musculoskeletal system. We may also work with your primary care physician to obtain blood work or other diagnostic tests.
  • Nutritional analysis, using the Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) system. NRT tests your body’s neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. These relate to the flow of energy to the organs which helps identify nutritional deficiencies.

Conditions We Treat

Chronic pain is perhaps the most common reason people come to a chiropractor. Today’s sedentary lifestyle and the use of computers has lead to many people developing poor posture, which makes for tight, short muscles. Pain and loss of flexibility results from guarding or limiting activities. Back pain, pain in the shoulders, neck or extremities (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) and headaches (including migraines) nearly always respond to our non-invasive, drug-free therapies. Fibromyalgia is another condition we treat.

What Our Patients Say

The entire staff are very friendly. I felt the love among them making me feel appreciated and caring. They fixed me up, they cured me I feel very happy and satisfied to the point that I have recommend them to some of my family and friends.

Yajaira L.

Truly caring staff, that make you feel comfortable and are Clearly trained and just an amazing place with people that actually care about you and your pain

Rebecca D.

It's important to invest in your body ad you get older. Please visit Natural Health Center of Clifton and come in for therapy, acupuncture, massage and medical consultation.

Rodrigo M.

I come out of this place feeling like a new person every time. The staff here are friendly and help you out so much. 20/10 service. I recommend to anyone who is looking to get help for their health.

Guy S.

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