Headache Relief in Clifton, NJ

Headaches Affect Many of Us

If you suffer from headaches then you are not alone. Almost all Americans have suffered from frequent or occasional headaches at some time in their life.

Commonly, headaches are a result of spinal bones in the neck that are not supporting the head properly. These “subluxations” affect the nerves, muscles and even blood supply to the head. They can often be a result of stress and or bad posture. That is why many Americans who have desk jobs tend to suffer from these headaches more than others.

Headache Relief at Natural Health Center of Clifton

By performing spinal adjustments to remove any subluxations, Dr. Eickhoff can help to reduce stress on the spine. This will greatly reduce the frequency and severity of the headaches. Dr. Eickhoff will also provide nutritional and lifestyle advice that will further eradicate any headaches.

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